Here you will find answers to the most common questions.

How can I clone a dog for making a whole litter entry?
First, create one of the puppies with all information and save. Then, choose to edit the same puppy. Just next to "Edit dog" you will find "Options". Choose clone. Continue this way until all puppies are added. Done!

How do I make a testmating?
Choose "Dogs" in the menu. Click "Testmating". Begin with writing the sires name, and then the dam. Now the URL in your browser will be your testmating link.

Do I have to pay for using The Saluki Archives?
No. It is only if you want to use additional features, such as hide ads, upload more photos, and so on. You can find all features on the page "Subscribe" (top right in the archive).

How do I report an issue?
On the dog's page, you can find "Report issue" under the dog's name. Choose a category and then write your comments. When you have sent an issue you can find them under your profile (top right in the archive) - Issues.

How can I contact admin?
Use the contact form here >>

What is copyright?
Here you can find information about copyright.