Available puppies

Send your puppies or planned litters to admin@thesalukiarchives.com and we will put your information here. If you also send a photo we'll add it to the Facebook update! (one photo only!)
Information needed: kennel, name, phone, e-mail, website, sire, dam, date of birth, size of litter, link to testmating)
Note - only puppies under 6 months of age!

3 males and 4 bitches born December 8 2018
Sire: Quanmarra Taliesin
Dam: Mufih Na Malikah al Jamaal Djaal Lhilal
Contact: Patricia Borstel
Website: www.imhotep-salukis.com
E-mail: info@imhotep-salukis.com
Phone: 0032475609899
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canada Mylakhan, Canada & Karob, USA
4+2 puppies born October 6 2018
Sire: Ch Freespirit's As You Like It
Dam: Ch Karob Sandstorm Told You So
Contact: Melissa Williams
Phone: (905) 779-3451
E-mail: info.mylakhanregd@gmail.com
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2 males & 3 females was born on October 14 2018
Sire: Ch Desierto Belleza Invierno
Dam: Ch Desierto Belleza Invierno
Contact: Tiina-Ira Huttunen
Phone: +358 40 5210 333
E-mail: desiertobelleza@gmail.com
Website: www.desiertobelleza.com
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Gharafa Elb, Finland
3 males & 1 bitch born December 16 2018
Sire: Ch Amiyat Darth Vader
Dam: Ch Tazillah Dianna Diora
Contact: Kirsi Kärkkäinen, Marika Lamminen and Minna Karjaluoto
E-mail: gharafaelb@gmail.com
Phone: +358405768678, +358440765732, +358407784049
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Aquemenida, Hungary
6 females and 3 males was born January 6 2019
Sire: Dahome z Gibesovy zahrádky
Dam: Davu Jumanji Ghaliba
Contact: Alex Rotger and Agnes Lehotzky
Phone: 0036-20-341-9006
Website: www.saluki.hu
E-mail: saluki@saluki.hu
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5+2 puppies born November 8 2018
Sire: Pazada Star Alliance
Dam: J.A.Y. JP Arabian Song
Contact: Aleksandra Teresińska
E-mail: hello@sighthounds.eu
Website: www.saluki.com.pl
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6+3 puppies born October 1 2018
Sire: CH Dabka's O'boy the son of Izzie
Dam: CH Dahaqin Dori Ramaqi
Contact: Agneta Doverholt
Phone: +46767635520
E-mail: agneta@dahaqin.com
Website: www.dahaqin.com
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