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Note - only puppies under 6 months of age!

Agricola a Nord, Czech Republic
3+4 puppies born November 1 2021
Sire: Wynsyr Baghdad of Arabica
Dam: Alia Agricola a Nord
Contact: Jana Jindrová
E-mail: janagrey@seznam.cz
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Pirkko Kekäläinen, Finland
3+4 puppies born December 28 2021
Sire: Dast-Cini Sannatis
Dam: Al-Zubeyda Laila Aïcha
Contact: Pirkko Kekäläinen
Website: Fringesandtufts.blogspot.fi
E-mail: alzubeyda.lailaaicha@gmail.com
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Elazad, Germany
2+0 puppies born December 29 2021
Sire: Lakota Malik von Astrachan
Dam: Celestian Javelin
Contact: Claudia Wahle
Website: www.saluki-elazad-wahle.de
E-mail: claudiawahle@t-online.de
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King Solomon's Hunters, Israel
7 males and 1 bitch was born December 7 2021
Sire: Willard v.'t Swartshof
Dam: Xavon Sofia van t Swartshof
Contact: Osnat Sitbon Azarzar
Phone: 00972526159214
E-mail: hamolich@bezequint.net
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Timaru, USA
7 males and 2 bitches was born August 23 2021
Sire: Ch Timaru Bandolier
Dam: Ch Timaru Lalique
Contact: Lesley Brabyn
Phone: 707 876-1808
Website: www.timaru.org
E-mail: timaru@earthlink.net
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