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Note - only puppies under 6 months of age!

Z Tripu, Czech Replubic
5+4 puppies born September 15 2020
Sire: Khyrisma Anistana Avatar At Yaran
Dam: Benissah Z Tripu
Contact: Jitka Matelová
Phone: +420602312103
E-mail: jitka.matelova@gmail.com
Website: https://ztripu.weebly.com
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Al Bhazim, Finland
2+6 puppies born July 7 2020
Sire: Soheil Nour Caspian Al Bhazim
Dam: Haalah’s Vision of Amazing Grace
Contact: Cisse Wunsch
Website: http://albhazim.blogspot.com
E-mail: albhazim@gmail.com
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az Xadi ba simin, Germany
0+7 puppies born April 2020
Sire: Dafar Al Naqawa
Dam: Xadi von der Irminsul
Contact: Renate Dombrowsky
Phone: +491703224301
Website: www.azXadi.de
E-mail: azxadi@web.de
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MaLa's Amal, Germany
3+4 puppies born April 13 2020
Sire: MaLa‘s Amal Aladin IbnIbn Rafi & Shadaan Ibn Ali von der Irminsul
Dam: Arshan Bianca
Contact: Marika Latsch
Website: www.malas-salukis.com
E-mail: info@malas-salukis.com
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Sofia de Mas, Italy
1+5 puppies born July 28 2020
Sire: Arshan D'Arcy
Dam: Lily Rose's Faiza
Contact: Sofia de Mas
Phone: +393393167803
E-mail: demassofia@tiscali.it
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5+4 puppes born May 5 2020
Sire: Arsalan z Tripu
Dam: Canna Flameche il Bahara
Contact: Canna
E-mail: fejuera@yahoo.com
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