Available puppies

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Note - only puppies under 6 months of age!

Agricola a Nord, Czech Republic
3+4 puppies born November 1 2021
Sire: Wynsyr Baghdad of Arabica
Dam: Alia Agricola a Nord
Contact: Jana Jindrová
E-mail: janagrey@seznam.cz
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Devon Exe, Czech Replubic
7+3 puppies born July 12 2021
Sire: Ch Malki Min El Akbar
Dam: Ch A Sarah Ajva Devon Exe
Contact: Jitka Vancová
Phone: +420 733 753 400
E-mail: JitkaZaluzany@seznam.cz
Website: http://devonexe.eu
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El Barraqish, Germany
6+5 puppies born July 6 2021
Sire: Arkadasch Hüdayi
Dam: Ouiam Diba Y-Shirvan
Contact: Jessica Bergerweiß
Phone: 0049 15229408613
Website: www.saluki-el-barraqish.de
E-mail: Jessicajacob63@T-Online.de
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MaLa's Amal, Germany
0+1 puppies born July 15 2021
Sire: Karnak Shades O‘Reign of Sundara
Dam: Khayif Oh Jalla Habibi al MaLa‘s Amal
Contact: Marika Latsch
Website: www.malas-salukis.com
E-mail: info@malas-salukis.com
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