Available puppies

Send your puppies or planned litters to admin@thesalukiarchives.com and we will put your information here. If you also send a photo we'll add it to the Facebook update! (one photo only!)
Information needed: kennel, name, phone, e-mail, website, sire, dam, date of birth, size of litter, link to testmating)
Note - only puppies under 6 months of age!

 Etaal, Australia
3 males and 2 bitches was born April 3 2018
Sire: Ch Lenoapayaz Hadi El Basher
Dam: Crister Sitarah
Contact: Rana Spencer
Phone: 0061 413 931 454
E-mail: crister-etaal@outlook.comrana_spencer@hotmail.com
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canada Rubaiyat, Canada
Puppies born January 8 2018
Sire: Elysian Fields Azerbaku
Dam: Rubaiyat At Midnight In Paris
Contact: Maril Semph
E-mail: Rubaiyat@eastlink.ca
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czech republic z Gibesovy zahrádky, Czech Republic
6 bitches was born February 13 2018
Sire: Ch Carthago z Gibesovy zahrádky
Dam: Ch Aneesa Salgrey's
Contact: Zdeňka Gibesová
Website: www.salukizgibesovyzahradky.webnode.cz
E-mail: zdenka.gibesova@seznam.cz
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 Al Bhazim, Finland
4 males and 4 bitches was born January 27 2018
Sire: Dyanitos Oberon
Dam: Haalah's Vision of Amazing Grace
Contact: Cisse Wunsch
Website: www.albhazim.blogspot.fi
E-mail: albhazim@gmail.com
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Baribal's, Germany
1 males and 4 bitches was born February 1 2018
Sire: Baribal's Italian Love Affair Paolo
Dam: Eliesaab Del Borghino
Contact: Angelika Zimmer
Phone: 0049 1737940198
E-mail: baribals@googlemail.com
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La'iqa Najiha, Germany
2 males and 7 bitches was born February 7 2018
Sire: Ch Liron Pili Hadi el Basher
Dam: Reemàh Ecem al Asmaanii
Contact: Dörte Goltermann
Website: www.la-aiqa-najiiha.com
E-mail: doerte.goltermann@t-online.de
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Von Baghlan, Germany
2 males and 7 bitches was born March 31 2018
Sire: Zamarin von Baghlan
Dam: Afreen Al Nasya
Contact: Petra Dörner
Phone: +49 7231 5657136
Website: www.baghlan.de
E-mail: info@baghlan.de
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2 males and 6 bitches was born January 11 2018
Sire: Efendi
Dam: Cabiria
Contact: Maura Canovaro
E-mail: borapatu@gmail.com
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6 males and 2 bitches was born March 8 2018
Sire: Crowned Head Il Bahara
Dam: Baywatch Babe Von Agrani
Contact: Marija Zemlianskaja
E-mail: magma.ccd@gmail.com
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3 males & 4 bitches was born November 19 2017
Sire: Ch Pari-Was Quarim-Khan
Dam: Ch Arshan Audree
Contact: Steve and Linda Remák
E-mail: remakovci@gmail.com 
Website: www.arshan-kennel.com
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1 male and 3 bitches was born April 17 2018
Sire: Ch Khiva's Samwise of Isirad
Dam: Ch Ashu Saba Jonoob Baad Al Qom
Contact: Vesna Crnelic
Phone: +386 41 637 646
E-mail: qom@qomsaluqi.com
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8 males & 2 bitches was born March 20 2018
Sire: Ch Michaelkors
Dam: Ch Badavie Star Quality
Contact: Marie Brandén
E-mail: marie@badavie.com
Website: www.badavie.com
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4 males & 4 bitches was born February 17 2018
Sire: Elamir Faiz Al Andalus
Dam: Boye Bami Bahar Alqom
Contact: Liz-Mari Seiholm Persson, Anders Persson
E-mail: dabka@telia.com
Website: www.dabkas.se
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